The best exponent of Exclusive Designs and Collections in the area. Fine designs for women, men and children, including: jewelry, shoes, swimsuits, wallets, etc.


Downtown Fashion Week New York was specially created for the Designers of Haute Couture. It is also one of the best platforms of other industries to promote and be able to boost to a higher level, those that do not have a budget. We are your suppliers and we are here to help you expose your Collections and create real impact to different sectors of the industry.

We have extensive knowledge and with all the necessary tools that the current market requires, we help you make your dreams come true! Creating the best of environments for a great Fashion Week, so we provide the best press conference with national and international media, as well as exclusive interviews on television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. Our events are broadcast by different and renowned television channels, such as Telemundo 47, among others.

We are connected to all stores and stores in New York City and also nationally and internationally.

We have guests, buyers of large stores, if you as a designer have the necessary requirements, you can be a potential supplier of these stores and recognized stores.

In our great events, we also have influential sponsors who always support us, in the same way they honor us with their presence, great celebrities and outstanding personalities worldwide.


We are a group of professionals dedicated to fashion, culture and art worldwide. Contributing to the fashion industry with a series of professional events, which offer the great standards and innovation so that our Designers can market their products in a more professional manner, to satisfy the need that the market demands.

We provide Professional make-up and make-up artists, since we have a highly competitive team of 50 people, men and women experts in beauty. We also have our renowned company and product line Edwar Scot Signatures Series, who are our sponsors. And the famous modeling agency Mi Proyecto Talentos, who provide us with the most famous and professional models, trained to make their creations stand out. We carry out several castings and fitting room, besides we have a spacious back stage.


They are professionally equipped as a real fashion show at the forefront and innovation of the current market.

We have different local and international designers.

Your designs will appear in the first pages of the Downtown NY Style Magazine.

You can display 6 to 50 pieces of your collection at our events.

Interviews on television, radio and press.

We will have the best press conference a week before the event.

Our events are broadcast by different and recognized local and international television channels.

We will have several guests from department stores and owners of famous shops and textile companies, who will watch their collections for negotiation purposes.

We offer you a project screen and the necessary technical equipment during the whole event.

Red carpet.

After Party.

A safe and comfortable environment for Designers.

We have a highly trained security personnel to take care of the belongings of our Designers.

Back stage with a large space.

A welcome lunch for our Designers


Our Fashion Week New York 2018, will take place on February 15, 2018, at The Watson Hotel, located at 440 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. In the months of February and September.

06-10 p.m.

We have offices in the following cities in the United States: New York, California, Miami, Chicago and Texas.


Please reserve your position in advance, by contacting the telephone number listed at the bottom of this release. A representative of our professional team will attend you carefully.

We look forward to your presence! Best regards!


Maribel Buret

Producer & General Director

575 7th Ave 3 Floor, New York, NY 10018

Within the USA UU at 347.517.0839

From another country to +1 347.517.0839


2728 E Palmdale Blvd. Suite 121, Palmdale, Ca. 93550

In California at: 661.466.9691